Powertrain Options

Power Unleashed: Tailor Your Drive with Diverse Engine Options

At Manz, your engine selection is far more than a decision about fuel choice and drivability, it’s about your safety. Each engine is matched with the proper steering, brake, driveline and suspension parts. You wouldn’t expect brakes designed for a Defender with 120 horsepower to stop one with 480 horsepower, and nor do we.


Engine Choices

Manz Defenders are available with new gas (LS3, LC9), diesel (Cummins 2.8L), and electric (coming soon) engines; or a fully rebuilt original diesel engine (300TDI). All of these engines can be matched with manual or automatic transmissions (electric automatic only).



Our gasoline engine options, ranging from crate engines to meticulously sourced and refurbished units, deliver unparalleled performance for your custom Defender. Choose the power that suits your preferences, whether it's a brand-new, high-performance crate engine or a carefully revitalized, reliable used one. With each option, we ensure optimal efficiency and a seamless integration, guaranteeing a dynamic and thrilling driving experience on and off the road.


Experience robust performance with our diesel engine choices for your custom Defender. Opt for a brand-new crate engine for cutting-edge efficiency or a skillfully refurbished OEM motor for reliability and authenticity. Our curated selection ensures powerful, fuel-efficient drives, allowing you to tailor your Defender to meet your unique requirements. Whether you choose modern diesel power or the nostalgia of a refurbished OEM engine, your Defender will embody excellence in both performance and sustainability.


Embark on a high-performance journey with our electric motor options for your custom Defender. Experience the thrill of cutting-edge electric motors, ensuring unparalleled power and efficiency. Our OEM refurbished electric motors guarantee reliability and seamless integration, delivering a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience. Redefine off-road adventures with the perfect fusion of electric innovation and uncompromising performance, making your custom Defender a trailblazer in electric off-road excellence.

Start your Manz Defender Journey

At Manz Motor Company, it’s all about making your journey as wonderful as your destination. That journey does not end with the delivery of your one-of-a-kind Defender.  We are excited to share with you our passion and knowledge of Defenders.