Bespoke Land Rover Defender Restoration

Hand-Built Vintage 90, 110, and 130 Models to Match Your Lifestyle

Welcome to Manz Motor Company, where your lifestyle matters, and how you choose to drive through it matters. At Manz Motor Company, we create one-of-kind custom Land Rover Defenders that enable your lifestyle. Our team can source your Defender, or customize your cherished example to your exact specifications. Through hands-on experience and customization that is truly unique, your Defender will embody you.

Design your dream Defender.

Born out of a passion for off-road vehicles and a love for building them, father and son David and Cole Manz now craft what for years was only enjoyed by their family. Manz Motor Company now rebuilds a very limited number of its meticulously designed and handcrafted Land Rover Defenders with you.

Every inch of your Defender, uniquely you

Before any part is ordered or bolt tightened, you are guided through our hands-on customization experience. Let our years of experience assist you in navigating numerous options, and find the materials, colors and features that best enhance your lifestyle. Why purchase a Defender intended for the masses when you can have one that is designed around you?

News & Events

Stay updated on Manz Motor Company’s latest developments, and be sure to catch our team at this year’s automotive events.

A family of owners, united by passion

At Manz Motor Company, it’s all about making your journey as wonderful as your destination. That journey does not end with the delivery of your one-of-a-kind Defender. As a part of our Defender Family, we are always personally available to answer your call. We are excited to share with you our passion and knowledge of Defenders, and for you to begin your Defender journey today.

Featured Builds

Explore some of our landmark Manz Defender builds.

Restoration, Maintenance & Repair Engagements

If you’re already the proud owner of a classic Defender, our team is proudly offering our services to customers in need of restoration, repairs, maintenance, and modifications. From oil changes to engine swaps, our service department goes beyond routine care, offering personalized attention to your Land Rover Defender.

Our team is not only skilled in diagnostics and repairs, but also passionate about preserving the essence of your Defender. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you’re informed at every step. Trust us for a comprehensive restoration and service experience, where your Defender is treated with the utmost care and expertise, maintaining its legendary status on and off the road.